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Old York Cellars

"Giant Cork Screws Gate"
Old York Cellars
80 Old York Rd
Ringoes, NJ 08551

Old York Cellars asked us to design and fabricate a gate that would be monumental enough to be a tourist attraction on its own. After a series of meetings and presentations, the design evolved into us making six giant Wood Handle Cork Screws (standing about 5' each) and spread out to form a gate. The cork screws animate the event of uncorking. When coming down the road from north to south, one can see that the cork is rising as if uncorking, and when one reaches the entrance, there are two laying cork screws and corks flanking the open gate as if the uncorking has been completed. Visitors can also spin the standing cork screws. They are an attraction indeed!

The cork screws are made of powder coated steel and Penofin finished cedar (to withstand the elements). The corks are made of concrete and painted with exterior paint. The logos are carved into the cedar and concrete.